North Atlanta Chiropractic Center is dedicated to providing a comprehensive examination that detects and corrects Vertebral Subluxation.  We specialize our procedures to focus on the health of both the spine and the nervous system.  Here are a few factors to expect when you have your first visit at North Atlanta Chiropractic Center.

The ExamFirst Visit Evaluation | Spinal Examination  | NACC

During our spinal and nervous system examination, we focus on a concept known as “Palpation”.  Palpation is the process of manually examining your spine to find problems that may impair your spinal function.  In addition, the exam evaluates curvature, spinal position and muscle tone to determine if they are related to the subluxation problems. We also use specialized equipment to further assess your spine and nervous system for additional subluxation misalignment.

Our examination process may include the following tests:

Spinal heat differences—Our examination process begins by evaluating the spinal heat difference from different levels of the spine, as well as reading the differences between both sides of your backbone.  The autonomic nervous system controls your body’s circulation, which can give off heat.  By studying your spinal heat differences, we can determine the effects of the subluxation on your nervous system and how to treat it.

Electrical Impulse Evaluation—After evaluating your spinal heat differences, the next step in our examination is to evaluate your electrical impulses.  To do this, we scan your spine to assess and measure your body’s electrical impulses in order to understand the subluxation’s effect on your nervous system and your muscles.

The purpose for these tests is to help you, the patient, to understand the science that occurs inside your back when dealing with subluxation, as a result you leave with a greater understanding of your problem and the subsequent treatment.  In addition, these tests provide a basis for tests in the future as these results help to establish a form of progress for your spine and nervous system.  These results and procedures are a much more accurate and precise measure of your progress as opposed to judging how you are feeling on a particular day.  You will learn more about your test results during your Finding of Results meeting.


 X-Ray | First Visit Spine Evaluation | NACCDepending on your medical condition and age, we may take spinal x-rays in order to get a better grasp of your current spinal structure.  However, it is possible that you will not be eligible to take an x-ray.  Some of these situations are:

  • Pregnancy
  • If you have recent, usable spinal x-rays
  • If you are too young

Outside of these conditions, we use x-rays during our examination process to get to the root of your vertebral subluxation problem.

Through x-rays, we are able to find the specific location and positioning of spinal bones, the strength of your spine and whether adjustment is a safe solution to your subluxation problems.  In addition, x-rays reveal about how long your back has been enduring the subluxations.  When starting our care, we usually take about three x-rays for your spine to make sure we get every angle.

Report of Findings

Back Pain Treatment |Chiropractic Adjustment | NACC

Through these tests and x-rays, we not only find the source of your problem, but also determine the appropriate measures in order to correct your subluxation. Through this information, we can assess what adjustment treatment best suits your situation and how often you should be treated. We will explain your Report of Findings in detail so you understand every aspect of your treatment.

Your Report of Findings meeting is the most important visit during our program. The visit may take up to an hour, but it is here where we will set up a plan of action for your care and relay any instructions you need to have the most efficient and effective treatment.  We set these times aside so they do not interfere with everyday patient hours. This allows us to focus our time on you and your treatment without disruption.  We will schedule your Report of Findings after a few days following your examination.

At NACC, we use modern procedures and equipment to analyze your condition and prepare an adjustment strategy so your health can get back to normal. We believe subluxations can threaten your health and well-being, so don’t hesitate to get the help you need. We use both modern and classic chiropractic methods to ensure that you get the treatment that works best for your body. You are worth it!

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