Patient Testimonials

Dawn Aikey
January 26, 2000

Mary Lynn at Ladies Workout Express referred me to North Atlanta Chiropractic Center. I had pain and spasms in my left lower back for two days before coming in. I also had foot pain for 5 months. I had chronic fatigue and indigestion on a daily basis.

Previously, I used ibuprofen every 4 hours. Two times I used a nerve block. After the first nerve block, I was pain free for 6 months. The second time, I had pain off and on for 5 years. When I came to the center, I was worried that I may have needed back surgery. I feel less concerned about it now.

Now I am standing straighter and I am not in nearly as much pain. My indigestion is almost non-existent. I have been relieved of pain but not completely. I still have foot pain and back pain if I sit for long periods of time.

The doctor and staff are very friendly and professional.


Debbie Lorenz
May 19, 1995

I had chronic neck and shoulder pain, occasional lower back pain and shooting pain in my arm. Prior to receiving chiropractic care I was on Analgesics.

I had no doubt due to my own father’s experience with chiropractic care straightening out his back. At one time he looked like the “crooked old man” from the fairy tale.

I was very surprised to see the extent of misalignment in my spine. The staff was wonderful very professional, caring and accommodating. I gradually began to feel relief from pain, increased range of motion in my neck and overall good health.

It really pays off to explore the need for this type of care.

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“I’ve actually been in several car accidents. I’m pretty young, so it’s very frustrating to have such bad back and neck pain. … Everytime I come to the North Atlanta Chiropractic Center, it’s just really great.”

“We tried everything else with no results … but now here I am. One month ago I could barely walk. Today, I’m running around and I have my bike out and I’m just a new person!”

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